AET Global Expansion

This past month, August eTech made a big company milestone by going global!

THE DETAILS: One of our existing pharmaceutical clients extended the CIO services we do with their local US office to their Asian International Headquarters. Next year, we will also work with their European office.

We are incredibly thrilled about this accomplishment for our growing business!

Our Chief Information Officer initiative is personally lead by our own CEO, Janice Mahlmann. She traveled abroad in October to collaborate with the client about technology needs and customization.

“What an exciting opportunity! This project also poses an interesting challenge. The structure has to accommodate corporate cultures from the US, Asia, and soon Europe. I look forward to building a system that functions for this global business.”

-Janice Mahlmann, August eTech Founder and CEO

For more information about the CIO services, click here. 

August eTech is an IT company that offers MSP, CIO, on-premise IT consulting, and help desk services for small-to-medium sized businesses and non-profits. Our 24/7/365 service can support any of your IT needs whenever they arise.

Our company serves as an affordable, freestanding IT department for companies that don’t have the budget for one. Can your company support the salaries of an entire IT team? Let August eTech take care of the employees and we can work together on the services to give you peace of mind.





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