Chief Information Officer

What does an August eTech Chief Information Officer do? We come along side your company and help you navigate technology so that you can achieve your business goals efficiently. We will discuss and help you discern strategic goals, look at your current technology and work to keep your budget in line and at the forefront of each solution.

A  CIO needs business skills as well as technical skills. Effective CIOs not only have the ability to dramatically re-engineer business processes, they also have the leadership skills required to convince others that change is necessary.

To figure out how IT can generate business value, CIOs must grasp and quickly respond to a number of market forces, including innovations in technology, vendor product offerings, disruptive technology and, increasingly, a customer base that expects to do business across physical and virtual channels.

The increasingly rapid pace of technology change, coupled with widespread consumer adoption of digital technologies such as social media, mobile devices and cloud computing, have forced CIOs and their enterprises to rethink the role IT plays in nearly every aspect of the business, from operational efficiency to employee productivity to customer service to business goals and even business survival.

Where does your company go next? August eTech helps your company plan out your future needs for technology. We evaluate your current network and technologies, your IT team (if you have one), your security, your DR and any compliance that you need to be under such as HIPAA.

Job responsibilities include:

    • IT Budget Analysis
    • Development of IT team personnel
    • Vendor negotiations 
    • IT Network infrastructure architecture
    • Supplier management
    • Information risk management (IRM)
    • IS policies, strategies, and standards
    • CyberSecurity
    • Technology futures and budgets

AET CEO Janice Mahlmann personally leads our Chief Information Officer Services initiative. Her experience of over 25 years in the IT Security and Networking industry allows her to serve as an Information Technology Adviser for your business. Janice’s expertise is based in her past as an IT engineer and manager for databases and networks, so she has the know-how to identify the necessary solutions for your business needs. If you’re wondering “where can my business go next?”, Janice can give you a 30,000 foot view to plan out your future progress for technology.