Interested in partnering with August eTech? Below are some of our Technology Projects and stories of how we’ve been able to help clients in the past—they are some wonderful examples of how we can customize technology projects for both profit and non-profits to fulfill your business’s unique needs.

Data and Exchange Server Disaster Recovery Hosting.
Large-sized Company

A worried client contacted August eTech, saying that they could no longer access their data or email because the power had been out for several days. Was this Super Storm Sandy? No. Just an ordinary day. A car accident caused major problems for the electric company, and as a result, a very large commercial area lost all power. August eTech set up a duplicate server off-site at August eTech headquarters that syncs with the client’s current server. Now, if there’s another power outage, all employees can access their data and email through the hosted DR server.

Complicated Server Replacements: Old Server With 12 Virtual Servers Needs Upgrading (VMWare to Hyper V)
Mid-sized Company

A medium-sized company had an immediate need to replace their old server with 12 virtual VMWare (Windows 2003 and 2008 OS) servers to a new server with Microsoft 2012 Hyper V. It was a time-sensitive and complicated project, but August eTech took it on. We were able to not only move over all 12 servers, but also upgrade the on-site Exchange Server on one of those virtual servers. This was only done with only 4 hours of down time. How? Just ask August eTech.

Citrix Issues
Large-sized organization

A prospective client was having several inexplicable issues with their Citrix terminals, and called August eTech in for a consultation. We were able to identify that the Citrix two-server redundancy simply wasn’t working correctly, and with the client’s blessing, we remedied the situation. August eTech then replaced their very old Citrix terminals with new ones and upgraded the Citrix terminals software on the other older Citrix terminals that were still viable. The client hired August eTech as their MSP, and is now a long-term client of ours.

Multi-site Connection Through a Single Technology. VPN Tunnel Access.
Large-sized Organization

A client required four organization locations, located over several states, to be connected as one via a single technology. All locations needed to share printers, servers, files, database applications, email, and other internal software. August eTech devised a strategy, set up an open VPN network using the site’s current Internet bandwidth, and added new VPN firewalls with high security. We utilized current servers to act as the exchange for the whole network, the database application server, the print server, and the file server. Through this tactic, it was unnecessary to go through the complicated motions of removing the servers at multiple locations. Now, the organization’s employees are able to comprehensively use each server as if they were right there in the office. Using this strategy, the costs of setting up a WAN network were greatly reduced.

Telecommuting Capability Without Direct Connection to the Server. Remote Access Software. (RAS)
Mid-sized Company

We were asked by a CFO and current client if there was any way that some employees could work on their accounting software without them having full access to the server. August eTech had an immediate, effortless solution at hand. We implemented a terminal server option on a secondary server that the client already had. By using the terminal server service and the remote application manager, we successfully were able to “duplicate” the office feel for this particular accounting application.

System Assessment, Security Issues, and Anti-Virus Protection
Mid-sized Company

Having gotten a call for help from an organization of 250 users that was referred to August eTech by a current client, we mobilized swiftly and performed a system assessment. The system assessment is a quick, overall look at all equipment, software, and settings (but, of course, only if an organization gives permission for us to look into their servers and firewalls) and setup. We were happy to take it on since we offer a free consult with all sales calls. August eTech quickly noted mismanaged AV deployment, lack of routine maintenance for both desktops and server, wasted monies for equipment that was not needed and never used, backups failing, additional security issues, and server drives maxing out. The organization immediately hired us, and together we put together a project plan with a priority listing of issues that need to be resolved. Within one week, all issues were tackled, and within a month, a stable network existed and we were able to continue work on clean-up and standard maintenance.

Needing Part-Time IT help
Mid-Sized Non-Profit Organization

An organization with a small IT team wanted to hire August eTech for part-time service work. They needed a tech that could be on site 20 hours a week and work to set up and deploy approximately 100 new computers. We sent one of our wonderful A+ Desktop Certified technicians. She went so above and beyond the initial strategy to deploy the computers that their company productivity skyrocketed, and they retained us for more part-time work.