Our Solutions Strategy

Our solutions strategy is simple. We’ll never just sit behind a desk and give orders. Each client is assigned 1-2 custom technicians intended specifically for your business needs.

We are a customer-focused organization, and as an independent business, we absolutely realize how important your company is to you. Bearing that in mind, we’ll always tailor our services in order to help your organization run at its very best. We also have a staff of on-call technicians available to you in addition to the routine maintenance visits we make. With a specialty in non-profit organization and support, we are able to provide distinctive and exceptional partnerships to your specific association or institute.

We also understand that, in this economy, controlling costs is critical. We will absolutely work with you to keep fees stable and avoid any financial “surprises.” We can set up a monthly rate with your organization based on the number of PCs and servers on site, and then maintain and troubleshoot the equipment. For less than the typical cost of one full-time employee, you can have the experience and breadth of a full-service IT company to serve as your personal IT department.

You have a team; we are your partners in optimal performance.

August eTech works with customers from 10 to 300 employees. We can help you if you need full out sourced IT or if you already have in-house IT and need additional support options or project help. We’re happy to work with both “not for profit” and “for profit” companies. Please call us at 1-877-317-1077 to learn about our package breakdowns and costs.


The August eTech Pricing Solutions

August eTech for Non-Profits

  • Non-profit packages are specially created to complement each unique entity for excellence and affordability. 
  • We have expertise in many areas of non-profit technical functions, including Blackbaud, Daxko, MemberST, Trinexum, Sage Software, CenterPoint, and more.
  • We know that every company is different, so call us for your free assessment based on your unique needs. At that point, we’re happy to help you find an appropriate pricing solution.

A Monthly Fee which includes:

  • Continuous Monitoring, Management and Updates:
    • Full security updates and patches for Microsoft, Linux and 3rd party software
    • Alerts and pre-failure indicators
    • Real-time alerting and reports of real or pending problems
    • Continuous tracking of all Windows server errors and alerts
  • Security Assurance:
    • Baseline security scanning to eliminate intruders.
    • Continuous monitoring of virus, worm, spam, spyware, and other malware
    • Identification of failed backups to keep your data safe and secure
    • Domain spoofing protection, monitoring (ask about our new Spoofing Maintenance and Monitoring Package!)
    • A proactive cyber security monitoring and alert system
  • Preventative Maintenance:
    • Automated scripting of key system tasks, such as hard drive maintenance
    • Automated patching and Windows updates.
    • Ongoing review of all Windows server logs to identify present or impending problems

We can guarantee all this and more by optimizing your IT equipment through the following:

  • Remote support for rapid problem resolution—you can connect with a technician whenever you need any help or support for your server
  • Detailed site inventories of all of the computers connected to your Windows server
  • A 30-point monthly checklist
  • 24/7/365 proactive system, network, and security monitoring across your entire network
  • Scheduled computer maintenance
  • Free tech support from 8am-midnight, depending on the package you choose

All of this will help you achieve regulation compliance with disaster recovery, data backup management, and more to keep your server running reliably, day in and day out.

August eTech Retainer

  • Purchase an upfront designated amount of hours that are good for one year.

August eTech Cloud Service Solutions 

Ask an August eTech rep for pricing.

  • Exchange Email
  • MS Office 365
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Pop Email
  • Microsoft Share Point
  • Cloud Office Products
  • Full Cloud Server
  • Locked Down Linux Server for Web Hosting