August eTech IT Security Services

Security Audit

When was the last time you had your companies network and technology policies audited? At August eTech, we do an on-site or remote audit. From base level to deep analysis, August eTech has you covered with IT Security Services.

Disaster Recovery and Prevention Plans, Implementation and Hosting for IT

  • Organizations cannot always avoid disasters, but with careful planning the effects of a disaster can be minimized.
  • A disaster recovery plan should minimize downtime and data loss.
  • The primary objective is to protect the organization in the event that all or part of its IT operations and/or services are rendered unusable.

Security Cloud Services

  • Have a cloud file management system? Is it correctly configured for best security practices? What are the cloud companies security standards.
  • August eTech works with cloud providers to dig deep and make sure their end user “friendly” environment is actually secure.

Cyber Security and Compliance

  • Network outages, hacking, computer viruses, and similar incidents affect our lives in ways that range from inconvenient to full data and email theft. As the number of mobile users, digital applications, and data networks increase, so do exploitation’s.
  • At August eTech we recommend and apply best cyber security policies and configurations.
  • To increase cyber security, certain businesses need to have additional security compliance and August eTech services also cover HIPAA and PCI IT Security Compliance which includes Security and Encryption for Data and Email. 
  • We help develop a business policy, plan and budget for your organization to ensure cyber security.

Security Training and Workshop

Businesses pay for security to be setup and maintained, however, the employees cause the biggest security risk out there. Despite growing concerns about cyber security, employees’ negligence and poor password hygiene are contributing to the majority of a company’s security risks, according to a SailPoint survey. More than a quarter of surveyed employees said they uploaded sensitive information to cloud apps intending to share the information outside the company.

  • Our workshop focuses on the employees. Their carelessness is a threat to the company and their data.
  • Are your employees clicking on bad links in spam email? We can test the employees to see how easy it is to exploit them and explain the results.
  • We use interactive puzzles. This allows employees to see how they easily release their passwords, data and confidential information to outsiders.
  • For those businesses that need to be HIPAA compliant we include a special section on HIPAA rules and regulations and how they affect all employees in a HIPAA compliant business.